WeTryTires © was created by a collection of people who found constant frustration with the limited and patchy information related to tires and cars online. 

Our Tesla

How it started

When Patrick bought new tires recommended to him by his local shop, he was very disappointed with how they performed. Having lost trust with his mechanic and feeling uneducated, he decided to dive deep into everything about tires to understand how he could help restore the performance of his pride and joy.

Michael, being a good friend and problem solver offered to assist and that’s when they realised the wide range of tires on the market. From top tier “racing slicks” tires to budget brands you wouldn’t wish upon the car of your worst enemy.

After both testing dozens of tires they finally managed to find the best tires for the Tesla, and as you can see in the photo, it’s now ready to rule the road. 

This has led to them becoming well known amongst their family and friends and the ‘car experts’. Whether it is helping Uncle Paul find a car for his daughter or recommending the best tire for a neighbour’s SUV, they have become the go to.

During their journey, while taking part in many online discussions and family dinners, they realised so many car owners are facing all sorts of issues with their tires and most of the information you can find on the internet is not tested or approved. 

ALL the content published on this website has been tested by our team or with other experts in this field. 

‘’For this project, we wanted to try and put together the content that we could never find online, or that we collected from experts along the way. We hope to succeed in this mission. We will give it 100% because I know your car is as important to you as our Tesla is to us.’’

Patrick, Founder of We Try Tires

Why Trust We Try Tires

Here at We Try Tires, we don’t just talk about tires, we live them! Our team combines a range of different industry experience, hands on work and lab research to deliver a perspective to our content that is unmatched in the industry.

Whether it’s advanced science degrees, gritty first-hand knowledge or even a family dynasty in the auto industry, our team checks all necessary boxes.

Our reviews and research are direct like no other as we have direct access to industry experts, the latest tires on the market and even cutting edge scientific research that allows us to always be ahead of the curb.

We Try Tires in the Press

You don’t need to take our word, here are a selection of expert contributions in the press:

USA Today – We provided expert commentary on the next generation of electric vehicles for a special print of USA Today (Page 32-33)
Moneygeek – We provided expert insight on the impact of advanced features in driving technology.
GoBankingRates – We provided a unique perspective on how to find the best deals when buying cars.
Progressive – We helped the famed insurance company by providing expert guidance on signs of a bad car battery vs. bad alternator
HowStuffWorks – We provided expert guidance on the issue of young drivers looking to rent cars.

Our Team

Patrick McCann – Founder and Editor

Musician, turned business owner but always a petrol head.

Patrick had an affinity to machines from a young age, his earliest memories involve playing with room sized train sets. Throughout school he always sort out cars for his relaxation, watching either car related TV shows, or the fast and furious franchise.

But when he passed his driving test over a decade ago, the passion ignited. His first car on the road was a VW Golf but his Toyota Celica was his true flagship. This flashy but modest sports car allowed him to understand the mechanical aspect of cars and allowed him to fall in love with detailing.

The Celica is now long gone but his car-centric hobbies are not. He regularly attends car meets, super car racing experiences and shows across the world. If he’s not busy during a summer day you’ll find him on his driveway maliciously washing his cars using only the best products.

Recently, he has been using his passions to give back to the community, buying cars heading to the scrap yard, fixing them up both inside and out, completing various safety improvements and giving them a new lease of life on the roads again.

Michael Merlino MSc – Content Strategist

He keeps the wheels turning behind the scenes.

Michael has always been an analytical thinker, from a young age noticing and taking advantage of patterns in video games in order to win (mario kart). Through his early schooling he showed great aptitude for science and maths, excelling in both at his alma mater.

He took on various projects during grad school including designing a wheel based transportation device for aspiring musicians to carry their equipment without the risk of it getting wet or damaged.

After graduating Michael has been involved with various startup companies with problem solving and growth being at the heart of everything he does. From coding, to designing to building, his robust knowledge in his field has propelled him into success at an early age.

His passions to help other people design and build their dreams has led to him starting a freelance writing company prodinimtly assiting smaller brands achieve their growth targets and also training junior staff the do’s and don’t of writing and coding.

You know the who and why, what now?

If you’ve arrived at our page it probably means you are trying to decipher the ever growing information scrap yard that can be the internet.  Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned petrol head our quick to read and easy to understand guides will help you get on the road with confidence. 

Don’t be fooled by the name, we also offer a range of information on our guides:

We hope you enjoy the content we have gathered for you, if you have any particular topics or products you want to see us mention – let us know!

The WeTryTires © Team.