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Wheel Alignments Query

An email left by a reader asking a question about wheel alignments.

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Initial Query:
Please don’t laugh at this. If I have a 4 wheel alignment done and afterwards put on 4 new tires, is that alignment still good?

Our Response:
Thanks for reaching out! It’s a perfectly valid question, and the answer is that the alignment will only slightly be affected by new tires, but it should not be noticeable and your alignment should still be fine. 
The only way your alignment would be bad is if the old tires which you are replacing are worn down very unevenly. This is because an alignment will be calculated based on the tires that are on the vehicle and if they are very unevenly worn, then installing new tires which are perfectly level will cause your vehicle’s suspension to sit at a different angle. This means you may need to have an alignment done again. The only way you can be sure is to drive your vehicle and see how it behaves. 

Buick Regal Tires Query

An email regarding the best tires for a Buick Regal with particular sidewalls.

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Initial Query:
Patrick’s post about sidewalls is great and was just the sort of information I’ve been trying to get on my own. That said, I’m trying to find a tire for my Buick Regal Premium Trim 2.0L turbo that is the “mid way point between both hard and soft sidewalls.” I do not drive it as a performance vehicle and it is my daily driver (city/highway but under 12k/year), but what I feel is often left of out tire reviews and recommendations is condition of the roadways. Michigan roads are paved but in very poor condition, extremely rutted. I’m looking for an 18″ V-rated all season tire to replace the Michelin Primacy MxV4, something mix a mix of comfort (I don’t want to feel every pothole and or hear every seam) but it also has to handle well, providing traction and stopping power for all weather. Where might be the balance, knowing that the most comfortable won’t be the best handling tire and vice versa? I keep getting steered (no pun intended) to the ultra performance tires or supreme luxury touring tires. I’ve considered Yokohama Avid Ascend GT, which I think would be much like what I have now with maybe a little more stiffness; the General Altima RT43, the Continental PureConnect and Extreme DWS 06, and of course some Michelins (ClimateControl 2, Premier 2 A/S) but not sure which is the most bang for the buck. Every time I mention one, someone suggests something entirely different but never with any explanation, the latest being the Vredestein Quadratic Pro. You’re my last stop before I pull the trigger. Any suggestions or considerations welcome!

P.S. Yes, Michelin is the best but is it the best for me? Also, not my biggest consideration but I like that Continental and Yokohama have adopted sustainable rubber.

Our Response:
Hi there L! Thanks for getting in touch and for your kind words about our article. We have taken everything you have said into consideration, and in our opinion the most suitable tires for your Buick Regal would be the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

As you rightly said, all tires are compromised to some degree, and finding the right balance between all the different factors can make picking the right tire difficult. From what you have described, a tire designed with a focus on comfort and low noise would be of great benefit to your journeys on the highway and along Michigan’s poor roads. However you still want a tire that will perform when it is needed and perform well in all weathers. 

I would avoid all the Ultra performance tires or Supreme luxury touring tires. Ultra performance tires will not be easy to live with due to their hard sidewalls meaning a harsh ride, excessive noise and poor wear rate, as these are designed purely in the name of high speed grip and performance. Likewise, super luxury touring tires do offer comfort but likely won’t stand up to the harsh roads or perform when the weather takes a turn for the worst due to their focus on highway driving. The Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack are designed for comfort, daily use, designed to tackle all weather, and are still very capable tires with high levels of performance. 

All the tires you have mentioned are still very good tires. Michelin are still the tire to beat but their supremacy over the market has significantly shrunk over the last few years (while their prices have not!), with many brands now offering tires that are just as good. This means that tires from other manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Continental and Vredestein can offer a nice saving and also perform just as well! Finally we have been noticing as more and more premium vehicle manufacturers (including Tesla!) are offering Bridgeston tires as standard on their new cars, which not only shows that these companies are seeing the all-round great performance of these tires, but they also think they are the best value for money for their customers. 

The Yokohama Avid Ascend GT are also very good tires and should you decide against the Bridgeston for any reason, these would be the next best tires we would recommend in terms of bang for buck! There are a lot of great choices and sometimes we find that the only way to decide between tires comes down to availability of sizes and general availability on the racks!

Follow Up:
Wow! Quite honestly, I don’t know how to thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion! Not many would take the time to read an overlong story from a stranger and address her concerns. I haven’t been able to get anyone else to make more than just algorithmic  suggestions or try to sell me whatever they have in stock. You’re the only source who has offered the sort of explanations I felt I need to make an informed decision. 

I’m also a little thrilled that you “sanctioned” the Avid Ascent as a decent choice because nobody and no algorithm threw that one up for me. That said, I appreciated your comments about how Bridgestone (and others) are doing in relation Michelin these days, and I’m all for the Turanza QuietTrack! My search is done.

I wish you had a Patreon. Short of that, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to plug your site or show my gratitude!

You are awesome, and a great writer and communicator, both of which are increasingly lost arts.