Best Tires for Wet Roads: Top 10 tires for 2022

Best Tires for Wet Roads

This is our updated review of the best tires for wet roads in 2022. 

We tested a wide range of the most popular and highest rated tires for wet roads and found the best tires for wet roads to be the Michelin Pilot Sport 5.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 5 is the winner because of its all round fantastic performance. It is the best handling and most responsive tire we have tested to date and the wet weather performance makes it the most versatile and top performing tire above all others in its class. 

In this review we have tested and reviewed many different brands and models. We’ll be discussing everything from price to performance, so that you can make an informed decision about which set of tires is right for you.

Stay tuned – these are our top 10 picks of the best tires for wet roads!

Best Tires for Wet Roads

Michelin Pilot Sport 5 – Best Overall

  • Dry Performance – 10/10 
  • Wet Performance – 10/10
  • Snow / Ice Performance – 4/10
  • Tire longevity – 8/10
  • Tire noise – 9/10
  • Comfort – 8/10
  • Price – Mid/High
  • Best for – Overall

The Michelin Pilot Sport 5 is the latest tire in the Michelin range, following on from the huge success of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4. These ultra-high performance tires are designed as summer tires which is all the more impressive because other summer tires do not perform nearly as well in the wet as these do.

Michelin have stated the main points of improvement on the new Pilot Sport 5 is to the overall grip, the wet weather performance and also to the lifespan of the tire. It is too early to say how the lifespan of the tire compares to the previous generation or competitors in its class, but so far the tire is showing even wear across the tread in our testing. 

These tires also come equipped with a “Wear2Check” indicating the tread life left in the tire. This makes it easy for the driver to monitor the tire wear. 

The Michelin Pilot Sport 5 also comes updated with a new matte side wall finish, designed to make it stand out from the Pilot Sport 4, and giving a look associated with the Michelin Cup 2 track tire.

Being an ultra high performance summer tire makes the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 an extremely capable road tire. Its unique dual sport tread design is partially responsible for what gives the tire its superior wet road performance, as well as its cutting edge construction and materials. No other tire in its class comes close to the overall wet performance of this tire. 

We found the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 to be very quiet on normal roads, and offered a good ride quality also. They are in the higher price range for tires, but we believe that their exceptional performance makes them very worthy of their premium price tag. 


  • Latest tire from Michelin
  • Highest performance of a trie ever tested
  • Wear2Check’ indicates tread life of tire
  • Summer tire with exceptional wet performance
  • Sporty and premium matte sidewall design


  • Premium tire with premium cost
  • Treadlife not yet tested

Continental TrueContact Tour

  • Dry Performance –  8/10
  • Wet Performance – 10/10
  • Snow and Ice Performance – 9/10
  • Tire longevity – 9/10
  • Tire noise – 8/10
  • Comfort – 9/10
  • Price – Mid/High
  • Best for – Long Trips

The Continental TrueContact Tour continues to be one of the best all round tires available on the market. Their all-season design makes it one of the most versatile tires on all surfaces and their main strengths are evident on wetter and even icy roads. 

The Continental TrueContact Tour tires excel in wet conditions. This is due to their biting edge design to help grip the road in more challenging conditions. The cross patterns and symmetrical design also makes them very averse to hydroplaning, inspiring confidence in them and your vehicle in wet and slippery conditions. 

They have been designed with an emphasis on smoothness and longevity, making these tires ideal for people looking to do a lot of miles in their vehicles. It has been specifically designed for CUV’s and minivans meaning you can be confident that they will be suitable for your vehicle no matter what you drive. 

Continental offers these tires with up to a 80,000KM limited mileage warranty, and when tested we found the tread life can comfortably last this amount under normal driving conditions. They also return one of the highest miles per gallon of all comparable tires in its class.  

These tires also come with performance indicators for all driving terrains, to help tell you when the tire needs replacing. Continental have also designed their tires with an additional vibration and stress-absorbing internal layer, which helps to absorb road noise for a quiet ride. The price of these tires make them very good value and we would be very happy to have a set of these tires.


  • Designed for all sized vehicles
  • Best value tire that competes with other premium tires
  • Long lasting treadwear
  • Reliable braking performance due to large contact with the road
  • One of the quietest tires in testing


  • Some other tires are more responsive
  • Dry performance could be better

Nokian WetProof

  • Dry Performance –  9/10
  • Wet Performance – 9/10
  • Snow and Ice Performance – 6/10
  • Tire longevity – 6/10
  • Tire noise – 7/10
  • Comfort – 8/10
  • Price – Mid
  • Best for – Dry and wet conditions, with good feedback

The Nokian Wetproof is a tire designed to perform optimally in both dry and especially wet conditions. It is made as a summer tire, making it one of only a few tires that can perform in wet conditions as well as other all season tires. 

The Nokian Wetproof showcases its extremely good wet performance with one of the shortest braking distances in these conditions. It offers high levels of responsiveness in both dry and wet conditions and we found it has a high resistance to aquaplaning compared to its rivals. 

In our testing we found that it scored averagely well amongst higher priced and equally priced tires for road noise and comfort, however it had one of the shortest life spans. This makes the tire not very suitable for people looking to do a high mileage and more suitable for people looking for more performance out of their tire. 

The good news is that these tires are very reasonably priced compared to other tires with the same or greater level of performance in challenging conditions. If you find yourself wanting the premium brand levels of performance on a budget, and won’t be driving long distances, the Nokian Wetproof are definitely worth considering.  


  • Summer tire making it very good in dry and wet conditions
  • Exceptional wet level performance
  • High resistance to aquaplaning
  • Very competitively priced for the performance


  • Poor treadlife compared to rivals
  • Average score for noise and comfort

Hankook kinergy pt h737

  • Dry Performance –  8/10
  • Wet Performance – 9/10
  • Snow and Ice Performance – 9/10
  • Tire longevity – 10/10
  • Tire noise – 8/10
  • Comfort – 9/10
  • Price – Mid
  • Best for – Value for money

The Hankook Kinergy pt h737 are a surprise favourite of many motorists in America today. The main reason for their popularity is their very affordable price and the fact that they are widely available. These all-season tires and Hankook as a brand have risen to the forefront in recent years and are a very popular choice for tires today. 

Being all season tires, these tires are made of a harder wearing compound, meaning they can’t quite match the performance of other premium summer tires. However for the average motorist who isn’t interested in pushing their vehicle to the limit, these tires are excellent all round performers and in our tests was a consistently strong performer in all conditions. 

The Hankook Kinergy pt h737 tires have very good braking and traction in all conditions, but lack the feel or responsiveness of premium tires with a higher price point. However, for an inexpensive alternative that will inspire confidence and make you feel safe in bad conditions, these tires are amongst the very best. 

These tires are very versatile and their performance is more than sufficient for the average driver. Designed as touring tires, these tires are both quiet and fuel efficient and come with a noteworthy 90,000 miles warranty. 


  • 90,000 KM treadwear warranty
  • Excellent for long distances
  • Best priced tires in our testing
  • High scoring in wet braking
  • Widely available


  • Lacks high end performance offered by other tires
  • Relatively new brand

Bridgestone Turanza T005

  • Dry Performance –  8/10
  • Wet Performance – 10/10
  • Snow and Ice Performance – 6/10
  • Tire longevity – 8/10
  • Tire noise – 7/10
  • Comfort – 8/10
  • Price – Mid
  • Best for – Wet performance

The Bridgestone Turanza T005 is another summer tire with exceptional performance in wet conditions. It has earned awards as the highest rated tyre for braking and turning on wet roads and also has been awarded the EU Label Grade A for wet grip. 

The Turanza T005s tread pattern is designed with high blocks in the shoulder area of the tire and a wide gap in the centre work. These factors work together to help disperse water from the tyre surface quickly and reduce the chance of hydroplaning. We did find however that in wet conditions the tires did slip occasionally under heavier acceleration. 

It also offers an 11% improvement on tread life over its predecessor, and overall scores well for fuel efficiency due to its design, offering low rolling resistance. Bridgestone also offers these tires with the option of additional Run-Flat Technology if you like the extra peace of mind that this offers. 

We found these tires to be slightly noisier than other comparable tires, and not particularly strong in snowy and icy conditions. It also lacks in some other areas of refinement compared to other more premium tires.

 All things considered however, the Bridgestone Turanza T005 is an inexpensive tire that offers a fantastic level of confidence and grip in wet and challenging conditions. For this reason, we think it is one of the best tires for wet roads available on sale today. 


  • Award winning for wet performance
  • Design allows for reduce the chance of hydroplaning
  • Available as run flats
  • Low rolling resistance offers improved economy


  • Not quite as refined as other tires
  • Weak snow and ice performance

Michelin CrossClimate 2

  • Dry Performance –  9/10
  • Wet Performance – 9/10
  • Snow and Ice Performance – 10/10
  • Tire longevity – 9/10
  • Tire noise – 8/10
  • Comfort – 9/10
  • Price – High
  • Best for – Dealing with Harsh Driving Conditions

The Michelin CrossClimate 2 is a tire that excels in performing well in challenging conditions. It is an all season tire with a long lasting tread life, and is designed with a primary focus to have the best performance in wet and snowy conditions. 

This tire showed excellent grip and handling dry conditions, but in snowy and icy conditions is where this tire stands out from the rest.

The V-formation tread pattern of the Michelin CrossClimate 2 means this tire excels at helping the tire perform in wet conditions, as it can evacuate water at a faster rate than other tires. This also helps it perform as efficiently as possible on roads with snow and slush. 

It boasts some of the shortest stopping distances in all our tests and showed the least change in behaviour between the dry and wet testing. 

As we expected with Michelin, the design means that tread life and tire wear is excellent. The tire distributes force evenly across the tire for a more even tread wear and a smoother ride compared to its rivals. 

The tires are quiet enough to not be noticeable, but scored averagely compared to the other tires tested. 

These tires provide some of the best performance available in an all season tire in wet and challenging conditions. Their premium price reflects their high quality. During our test, these sure-footed tires offer confidence and the feeling of a very safe ride. 


  • 80,000 KM treadwear warranty
  • Best tire for wide variety of terrains
  • Even and long lasting tread
  • Short stopping distances in testing
  • Very predictable tire when changing surfaces


  • Some tires are better specifically for only dry or wet conditions
  • Priced higher than competitors
  • Louder than other tires

Continental Sport Contact 7

  • Dry Performance –  10/10
  • Wet Performance – 9/10 
  • Snow and Ice Performance – 5/10
  • Tire longevity – 7/10
  • Tire noise – 8/10
  • Comfort – 8/10
  • Price –  High
  • Best for – High Performance

The Continental Sport Contact 7 is an ultra high performance summer tyre designed to have optimum grip in the dry and wet. It is the new flagship tire released by Continental, replacing the previously raved about model, the Continental SportContact 6 which has been with us for nearly 6 years.  

When tested against its direct rivals, these tires came out on top as the best in wet braking and handling by a considerable margin. They were also the fastest in dry conditions with the shortest braking distance. 

Where the Continental Sport Contact 7 excel is in their performance at speed. With stronger turn-in bite and mid-corner grip, the tires feel very direct. There is confidence inspiring feedback through the steering wheel, and this allows you to make the most of the total available traction. 

Continental have said that the new Sport Contact 7 is a more bespoke tyre with a carcass construction, optimised for all types of vehicles from SUV’s to hatchbacks and even electric vehicles.

The trade off we found with these tires for all their performance is poor aquaplaning resistance, meaning they are unable to score top marks for wet performance. There is also an increase in rolling resistance, increasing fuel consumption. 

For owners of high performance cars who don’t mind the high cost, and for whom the very best performance in the dry is as important as in wet conditions, The Continental Sport Contact 7 is a fantastic choice of tire. 


  • Ultra high performance suitable for sports cars
  • Offer lots of feedback to the driver
  • Optimised for all size of vehicles
  • Best wet braking in testing


  • Poor aquaplaning resistance
  • High cost
  • Decrease in fuel efficiency

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

  • Dry Performance – 8/10
  • Wet Performance – 9/10
  • Snow and Ice Performance – 9/10
  • Tire longevity – 8/10
  • Tire noise – 8/10
  • Comfort – 8/10
  • Price – Mid
  • Best for –  Most versatile tire for all conditions

The Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady is one of the most popular tires in the Goodyear range. It is designed to tackle very poor weather and gives you peace of mind knowing it is capable of performing in the harshest of wet conditions. 

This all season tire has very few compromises and is comparable with some of the best tires on the market. It is designed with an asymmetric tread pattern that allows the tire to expel water and keep the maximum amount of contact with the road.

The tire performs as well as any other all season tire in dry weather conditions and offers great grip and cornering ability. It is comparable to a summer tire with its high levels of responsiveness and is one of the more sporty all season tires that we tested. 

The stand out point is their ability to tackle wet and even snowy conditions, as well as being very able in the dry with a very good tread life. The Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady continues to provide excellent grip and traction, inspiring confidence in these challenging conditions. Very few tires are as versatile.

To trade off for this level of performance is that these tires are not the quietest and also not the most fuel efficient. If you are looking to do many motorway miles in these, you will notice a small increase in fuel consumption, or shorter range in an electric vehicle. 

These tires should be a serious consideration when picking new tires for your new vehicle. They are competitively priced for their performance and there are also plenty of cash incentives available for these tires, making them even more affordable. 


  • Versatile all round tire on all terrains
  • Stand out performance on snow and ice
  • Sporty tire with excellent traction and cornering ability
  • Asymmetric patterns offers excellent grip in wet conditions


  • Slight decrease in fuel economy
  • Louder than other comparable tires

Vredestein Quatrac Pro

  • Dry Performance –  8/10
  • Wet Performance – 9/10
  • Snow and Ice Performance – 5/10
  • Tire longevity – 8/10
  • Tire noise – 7/10
  • Comfort – 9/10
  • Price – Mid/High
  • Best for – All season tire for high performance 

The Vredestein Quatrac Pro is an all season tire designed specifically for large high performance vehicles. It currently comes fitted on a number of high performance SUVs from the showroom, making it a unique tire in its class. 

Being an all season tire, the tire shines in both wet and dry conditions. They offer the driver very precise steering and exceptional grip in conditions where other tires may be compromised. The Vredestein Quatrac Pro also scored in the top bracket for shortest braking distances. 

Road noise is more noticeable than other tires in its class and the tires did not grip well in snowy conditions. The steering offered very little feedback and the tires also scored poorly in the aquaplaning test. 

These tires are more for the high performance sector, offering a comfortable and smooth ride for drivers looking to make the most of their performance cars in both dry and wet conditions away from the snow and ice. They are not the cheapest but fill a gap in the market as very good all round, all season tires for performance SUVs.    


  • Designed for use on high performance vehicles
  • Strong levels of grip in very wet conditions
  • Comfortable and quiet
  • Tire responsiveness similar in both dry and wet


  • Priced higher
  • Poor in ice and snow

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

  • Dry Performance –  7/10
  • Wet Performance – 9/10
  • Snow and Ice Performance – 10/10
  • Tire longevity – 8/10
  • Tire noise – 7/10
  • Comfort – 7/10
  • Price – Mid
  • Best for – Winter and cold climates

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 is the latest version of the Blizzak tire, replacing the popular WS80. The WS90 was designed to be an improved WS80 tire, rather than a whole new tire. 

This new Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 tire excels in cold and wet conditions. This is thanks to its large and wide flat design, which helps to maximise the contact patch with the ground.

The design also features biting edges which act like studs and help the tire grip in snow, a feature which is unique to these tires. 

The WS90 has improved water evacuation over the WS80 which was already class leading for wet driving and grip. This helps give the tire some of the best wet performance and braking available today.

To achieve this impressive wet and winter performance, the tire is more rigid than its predecessor the WS80, which does increase the road noise of the tire slightly and give the tire a firmer ride also. The biggest negative of this tire is its poor economy. This is a trade off to be expected however for a tire with this level of winter performance. 

The WS90 is slightly more pricey than the WS80, which does add up to make a noticeable difference if you are buying an entire set of tires. The WS80 is still worth considering, but for the best tire for wet conditions in areas particularly susceptible to ice and snow, the WS90 is the best currently on the market. 


  • Specific winter tire with excellent dry grip
  • Tire design gives excellent grip in the snow
  • Very good performance in the wet
  • Range of good deals available


  • A little louder than its predecessor
  • Not the most comfortable tire over rough surfaces
  • Poor fuel economy

Guide to buying the best tires for wet roads

There are a number of important factors to consider when picking the best tire to suit your needs. When picking the best tires for wet roads, there are a few factors which become more important to consider. Understanding these will help you pick the right tire for your needs.

Wet Performance

A tire’s wet performance indicates how well a tire performs on a wet surface. This is important to consider when choosing a tire as wet surfaces decrease the amount of traction available to the vehicle. 

This impacts braking, turning and acceleration of your vehicle, making it more difficult to control a vehicle in these conditions. Tires with good wet performance increase the control of the vehicle and make the vehicle safer to drive in these conditions. 

Dry Performance

When looking at new tires, the dry performance is one of the most important factors to look at. This is because a tire will mainly be used on dry tarmac and there is a correlation between a tire with a good dry performance and a better tire overall. 

However tires that excel in dry conditions usually perform less well in other situations. If you are picking a tire that needs to be just as good on wet roads, you are likely to find that all season tires are the best choice as they will provide the best balance of performance in both conditions. 

Good performance in the dry includes shorter braking distances, more immediate feedback and turning of the vehicle with no understeer or oversteer, and tires that won’t lose traction with the road surface. 

Snow and Ice Performance 

If you live in an area that is prone to snow and icy conditions, it is recommended to pick a tire that will be safe to use in these conditions. Snow and ice can make driving extremely dangerous if not equipped with the correct tires. 

Tires are the only contact between the road and the vehicle and are the single biggest factor in whether a car is safe to drive or not in these conditions. Tires not suited for snow are likely to offer very little grip and the vehicle is likely to slide on inclines. 

Tire longevity 

When picking a tire, it is recommended to look at the expected life span of the tire. Premium tires are often available with limited mileage warranties, meaning that if the tire does not reach the advertised mileage, you will be eligible for a rebate against the cost of replacing that tire. 

The best performing wet tires are usually All-Season tires. As these tires are not solely focused on dry performance, these tires are usually made with harder wearing compounds. This means that on average these tires last longer than equivalent summer tires. 

In general terms, wet tires that offer higher levels of performance are often made of softer compounds to achieve these high levels of grip. This also means that these tires don’t often last as long as harder wearing tires.

Harder wearing tires won’t offer the same levels of grip and performance as softer tires however. It is important to consider what is more important for your specific needs when picking a new tire. 

Tire noise 

Tire noise is a factor that is often forgotten about. Each tire will emit a certain amount of noise when driving along the road. This tire noise is usually more noticeable at higher speeds

You can check the advertised noise rating of each tire and if you know that you will be doing a lot of highway driving, you may want to pick a quieter tire for a more comfortable ride. 


Each manufacturer will make tires slightly differently, and this will impact how comfortable each tire is. Tires for heavier vehicles will have a larger sidewall which will likely have more reinforcement to deal with the heavier weight. This impacts how comfortable a tire is over rough surfaces and when going over bumps. 

Softer tires are more likely to offer a more comfortable ride, but are also likely to be less responsive. Whereas harder tires will be more responsive but offer a less comfortable ride. It is important to consider how important each factor is when choosing a new tire for your vehicle. 


Tires all come at a different range of prices. Most tires fall into 3 categories, Premium, Mid tier, or economy. The price of a tire depends on the performance of each tire. The higher the performance, the higher the price of the tire. 

The other factor which determines price is the size of the tire. Wider and larger tires cost more due to their size and the amount of material in the tire. This means owners of large or high performance vehicles will usually need to pay more for new tires. 

We would always recommend spending a little extra money to ensure that you have the best tire possible for your vehicle. This will make driving safer by giving you more control of the vehicle. 

Fuel Economy

Tires affect the fuel economy of your vehicle as each tire has a different level of rolling resistance. Larger tires are heavier and this increases the fuel consumption of your vehicle as more energy is required to move them. 

Premium tires are more likely to return a better fuel economy than cheaper tires as they are made with higher quality materials which reduce rolling resistance. 

Our Verdict

Choosing the best tire for your needs is important to ensure the best possible performance of your vehicle. 

We think that the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 is the best all round tire available today when looking for the best tires for wet roads.

We know the value of peace of mind. Being able to trust that your tires will keep you and your occupants safe, no matter the conditions is invaluable. The tires in this list will help your vehicle perform as the best tires for wet roads and transport you safely for many miles to come. 

We hope this article was helpful in your search for your next tire purchase. If you have any questions then please leave a comment below or get in touch via email or through social media and we will read and respond to every comment, email or question. Thanks for reading!

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