How to get tire marks off your car: A step by step guide

get tire marks off your car

Are you tired of seeing unsightly tire marks on your car? Whether they’re caused by driving over curbs, potholes, or improperly inflated tires, tire marks can ruin the look of your car and reduce its value.

In this article, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions for removing tire marks, as well as tips for preventing them in the first place. With a little elbow grease and the right tools, you can keep your car looking its best and maintain its value. So read on to learn how to get tire marks off your car.

What causes tire marks on your car?

There are several common causes of tire marks on cars. One of the most frequent causes is driving over curbs or other raised surfaces, such as potholes or speed bumps.

When a car’s tire comes into contact with a raised surface, it can cause the tire to leave a mark on the car’s body or paintwork. This is because the raised surface can cause the tire to skid or slide, creating a scuff or rub mark on the car’s body.

Another cause of tire marks on cars is improperly inflated tires. When a tire is under inflated, it can flex more than it should when in contact with the ground. This can cause the tire to rub against the car’s body or paintwork, leaving marks. Similarly, overinflated tires can also cause marks on the car, as they can bounce and hit the car’s body more frequently than properly inflated tires.

Lastly, aggressive driving can also cause tire marks on cars. For example, if a driver makes sharp turns or sudden stops, the tires can skid or slide, leaving marks on the car’s body. In addition, high-speed driving can cause the tires to generate more heat, which can lead to tire marks on the car.

How to remove tire marks from your tire?

To remove tire marks from your car, you’ll need the following tools and materials:

Now, here’s what you need to do to clean and get tire marks off your car:

  1. Begin by washing your car thoroughly with car wash soap or tire cleaner to remove any dirt or grime that may be on the surface. This will help to ensure that the tire marks are the only thing you’re trying to remove.
  2. Once the car is clean, use a soft-bristled brush or sponge to gently scrub the tire marks. Be sure to use a straight single direction motion to avoid damaging the paint.
  3. Rinse the area thoroughly with water to remove any soap or cleaner residue.
  4. Dry the area with a microfiber towel or chamois cloth to avoid leaving any water spots.
  5. If the tire marks are still visible, you can use a clay bar to remove any remaining contaminants from the paint surface. Simply rub the clay bar over the affected area, following the instructions on the packaging. This will pick up and pull away the tire marks and any other contaminants away from the surface.
  6. If desired, you can apply wax or polish to the area to protect the paint and restore its shine.
  7. Repeat the above steps as needed until the tire marks are completely removed.

Note: If the tire marks are particularly stubborn, you may need to use a stronger cleaner or polish, or seek the help of a professional car detailer. It’s important to be gentle and avoid applying too much pressure, as this can damage the paint or body of your car.

Others ways to remove tire marks from your car

While we have highlighted the best way to get tire marks off your car, it’s not the only method.

Magic eraser

A magic eraser can be used to remove tire marks from your car. Simply dampen the eraser and rub it over the affected area in a circular motion, then rinse with water and dry thoroughly.


Vinegar is an effective cleaning agent that can be used to remove tire marks from cars. Mix 1 part white vinegar with 3 parts water, then use a sponge or cloth to apply the mixture to the affected area. Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes, then rinse with water and dry thoroughly.


WD-40 can also be used to remove tire marks from cars. Simply spray the affected area with WD-40, then use a clean cloth or sponge to rub the marks away in a circular motion. Once the marks have been removed, rinse with water and dry thoroughly.

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How to prevent getting tire marks on your car

To prevent tire marks on your car, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Avoid driving over curbs, potholes, or other raised surfaces whenever possible. If you must drive over one of these surfaces, try to approach it at an angle rather than head-on to minimize the risk of tire marks.
  • Maintain proper tire pressure. Check your tire pressure regularly and inflate or deflate your tires as needed to ensure they are at the recommended pressure for your vehicle. Underinflated or overinflated tires are more likely to cause tire marks.
  • Drive carefully and avoid aggressive maneuvers. Sharp turns, sudden stops, and high-speed driving can all cause your tires to skid or slide, leading to tire marks on your car.
  • Regularly clean your tires. Over time, dirt and grime can build up on your tires, making them more likely to leave marks on your car. Clean your tires regularly with a tire cleaner or soap to remove this grime and reduce the risk of tire marks.
  • Use tire protectants. Some tire protectants can help to reduce the risk of tire marks by creating a barrier between your tires and your car’s body or paintwork. These protectants can be applied to your tires and can help to prevent marks from forming.
  • Consider using different tires for different driving conditions. For example, using all-season tires for everyday driving and switching to winter tires in colder weather can help to reduce the risk of tire marks. Winter tires are designed to grip the road better in cold, snowy conditions and are less likely to skid or slide, reducing the risk of tire marks.
  • Avoid overloading your car with weight as it can cause your vehicles suspension to “bottom out” and allow your tires to come into contact with your vehicles fenders, leaving tire marks.
  • Make sure to fit the correct size wheels and tires for your vehicle. Larger wheels may cause the tires to rub against your vehicles bodywork, especially when turning.


Tire marks on your car can be unsightly and you definitely want to get them off ASAP. Fortunately, with the right tools and techniques, you can remove and get tire marks off your car and keep your car looking its best. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively remove tire marks and restore the beauty of your car’s paintwork.

In addition, by following the tips for preventing tire marks, you can reduce the risk of them forming in the first place. With a little effort and care, you can keep your car looking like new and maintain its value for years to come.

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