Maxxis Spare Tire Review

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Welcome to our most recent Maxxis Spare Tire Review.

There’s nothing worse than being out on the open road and then hearing that dreaded bump: you’ve just blown out a tire and you’re still miles away from the nearest shop. Fortunately, you have a spare tire, but which one did you bring? As industry experts, we have done the hands-on testing to determine whether the Maxxis Spare Tire is the best option for you.

This review will provide a deep dive into the Maxxis Spare Tire and examine everything from performance to the warranty as well as a comparison with the other options on the market. 

Because, at the end of the day, it’s not just about purchasing a spare tire. It’s about investing in peace of mind. So, buckle up as we delve into the ins and outs of the Maxxis spare tire – your possible companion for those unplanned, solitary highway incidents.

Compact Spare
Maxxis Spare Tire
8/10Our Score
  • Affordable Price
  • Dependable on wet and dry surfaces
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Lightweight even compared to other compact spares
  • All-season Tire
  • Will get you to where you need to go in a pinch

About Maxxis Tires

The landscape of tire manufacturing is vast and diverse, with Maxxis emerging as a significant player. Originating from the Taiwanese company Cheng Shin, which was established in 1967, Maxxis started as a bicycle tire manufacturer. 

Today, it has expanded its portfolio significantly to encompass tires for various vehicles, including cars, light commercial vehicles, motorbikes, trailers, karts, and even lawnmowers. 

Its products have made their mark in around 180 countries, affirming the brand’s global reach.

A crucial aspect that differentiates Maxxis from many Asian tire manufacturers is its dual focus on customer satisfaction and technological innovation. 

This strategy has enabled it to maintain strict quality control measures and implement advanced technologies in its manufacturing processes.

Cheng Shin, the parent company of Maxxis, is involved in motorsports. This participation feeds into the development and advancement of their product range, especially passenger car tires, by continually pushing the boundaries of performance and design.

Maxxis’ commitment to quality and performance has been recognized with various awards, such as the Taiwan National Quality Award and the Ford Q1 Quality Award. 

These acknowledgments indicate the brand’s consistent efforts to uphold high standards in its product range.

Maxxis Spare Tire Overview

The Maxxis Spare Tire is a compact spare tire meaning it’s a lot smaller and so provides the benefit of taking up a lot less space in your vehicle. It’s a temporary solution that is not intended to completely replace your tires. 

It’s much smaller and thinner than a traditional tire and should therefore only be used to get you to the nearest shop so that you can properly replace your tires.

Because of its lightweight makeup, this tire cannot handle the rigors of a vehicle over a long period of time and so it should only be considered as a last resort and not be kept on for extended drives.

But in the case of a blowout of one of your main tires, the Maxxis Spare tire is a great solution.

Maxxis Spare tire Performance

To assess the real-world performance of the Maxxis Spare Tire, it’s crucial to examine it under different weather conditions and analyze its handling capabilities.

Adaptability in Different Weather Conditions

Primarily, the Maxxis Spare Tire functions as an all-season tire. This denotes its potential to offer dependable traction in both dry and wet environments. The tire integrates an all-season tread design, which includes a continuous center rib and strategically placed blocks, enhancing its grip and stability in dry conditions.

Maxxis has also incorporated four circumferential grooves and numerous lateral grooves into the tire design. These are intended to facilitate effective water displacement, preventing the build-up of water beneath the tire. In wet conditions, this combination of circumferential and lateral grooves substantially reduces the risk of hydroplaning, thereby improving traction.

However, it’s crucial to note the limitations of the Maxxis Spare Tire. While it performs satisfactorily in dry and wet conditions, it’s not designed for use in snow or on icy roads. This is an important consideration when assessing the tire’s applicability for your specific needs.

Controllability and Handling

Even though the Maxxis Spare Tire is intended for temporary use, it should not compromise on controllability. An efficient spare tire needs to offer precise steering responsiveness and ensure vehicle stability, enabling you to reach a repair shop safely.

When evaluating these aspects of performance, the Maxxis Spare Tire exceeded expectations. Despite its smaller, narrower footprint, the tire maintained stability throughout the ride, and the steering responsiveness was satisfactory.

The tire’s overall performance in terms of controllability, handling, and steering responsiveness should be more than adequate for short distances, which is the intended usage scope of a spare tire.

However, it’s worth emphasizing that exceeding the recommended usage conditions—driving further than the specified distance or at speeds exceeding 50 mph—will lead to sub-optimal performance. This may manifest as poor handling, cornering, and braking power, potentially increasing the risk of accidents.

Maxxis Spare Tire Price

Depending on the size of the tire, you can get a Maxxis Spare Tire between $130 and $190.

Maxxis Spare Tire Size

The Maxxis Spare Tire has 10 different sizes available, ranging between 14 and 18 inches.

I see, you’d like the sizes to be the primary columns, and the specific tires listed under each size. Here’s a revised version of the table:

14 Inch16 Inch17 Inch18 Inch
T115/70D14 88MT125/80D16 97MT125/70D17 98M135/70R18 104M
T125/85D16 99MT125/80R17 99MT155/70R18 112M
T135/80D16 101MT155/70D17 110M165/70D18116M
T135/90R16 102M

Maxxis Spare Tire Warranty

Maxxis provides a limited materials and workmanship warranty for its spare tire. This coverage extends to the first 50% of its original usable treadwear, equivalent to the first 2/32-inch of a 4/32-inch tread depth.

However, the warranty does not cover costs for mounting, balancing, and other associated labor charges or ride quality issues such as vibration or out-of-round tires.

Key exclusions include damages from road hazards (impact breaks, bruises, punctures, or snags) and usage in racing or competition-related events. The warranty is invalidated in these circumstances.

Maxxis Spare Tire Issues/Controversy

As of this review, there have been no significant issues, controversies, or recalls associated with the Maxxis Spare Tire.

Maxxis Spare Tire User Review

On TireRack, Maxxis Spare Tire currently holds a perfect score across 2 reviews. Here is what one reviewer said:

I drove 1000 miles at 62 miles per hour over 2.5 days. The tire at rest stayed at 55 psi. The tread is about the same as when the journey started.

Comparing Compact Spare Tires with Other Spare Tires

Spare tires come in different types, primarily falling into two categories: compact spare tires, often referred to as ‘donuts’, and full-size spare tires. Understanding the key differences between these types can help you make informed decisions when choosing a spare tire.

Compact Spare Tires

Compact spare tires are smaller and lighter than regular tires. They are designed to be temporary solutions that get your vehicle to a repair shop, not for prolonged driving. Compact spares have limited tread and are not intended for speeds exceeding 50 mph or for distances beyond 50-70 miles.

The key advantage of compact spares is their convenient size. Due to their smaller dimensions and lightweight design, they take up less space in your vehicle and are easier to handle when you need to change a flat tire.

However, their limitations lie in their restricted usage scope. They offer less traction and aren’t suitable for driving under challenging weather conditions or on rough terrains.

Full-Size Spare Tires

On the other hand, full-size spare tires are exactly what their name suggests – they are the same size as the vehicle’s regular tires. Some are ‘matching full-size spares’, meaning they’re identical to the regular tires, while others may be ‘non-matching’, indicating they might be of a different brand or style but are the same size.

Full-size spares offer better performance than compact spares. They can handle higher speeds and are suitable for all types of weather and terrain conditions. They can be driven as any regular tire without the restrictions seen in compact spare tires.

The downside to full-size spare tires is their bulk. They take up more space in the vehicle and are heavier, making them more difficult to manage during a tire change.

Summary: Is the Maxxis Spare Tire Worth It?

If you’re in need of a reliable, budget-friendly spare tire, the Maxxis Spare Tire is a worthy contender. As a compact spare tire, it may not have the same level of durability as a classic spare tire, but it will still do the job of getting you to a mechanic safely.

Its smaller size means it’s easy to find room for it in your vehicle and its price point certainly makes it an attractive option.

If it sounds like it will do the job for you, then pick up the Maxxis Spare Tire today so you won’t be left wanting when out on the road!

Compact Spare
Maxxis Spare Tire
8/10Our Score
  • Affordable Price
  • Dependable on wet and dry surfaces
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Lightweight even compared to other compact spares
  • All-season Tire
  • Will get you to where you need to go in a pinch