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Key Insights

  • Michelin produce some of our favourite tires on sale currently, and is my current choice of tire for my own car!
  • Developed at their own test track in France, Michelin tires are receiving the highest ratings from owner reviews
  • Their excellence comes at a price, but they are also endorsed as the tire of choice by Porsche

If you’re wondering if Michelin tires are worth purchasing, you will hear from nearly everyone you ask (including us!) that theyre amongst the best tires you can buy. They have consistently stood out from the competition for over a century. Renowned for their commitment to innovation, superior quality, and exceptional performance, Michelin has become synonymous with excellence in the tire industry.

I have thoroughly tested Michelin’s best tire offerings and can confidently say that they deliver on their promises.

In this Michelin Tire review, I will delve into the performance and main points of note for Michelin’s tires, as well as highlight the three best and most popular Michelin tires currently dominating the market.

Why choose Michelin Tires

There are many compelling reasons to choose Michelin tires. Michelin offers unparalleled performance in various driving conditions, providing exceptional traction and handling. Their tires are known for longevity and durability, utilizing high-quality materials and innovative tread compounds.

Safety is a top priority for Michelin, with tires meeting the highest standards for reliable traction and braking. With a wide range of options and industry recognition for quality, Michelin is a trusted choice for drivers seeking superior tire performance.

Michelin Tire Development

In addition to their commitment to tire excellence, Michelin sets itself apart by having its own state-of-the-art facilities and test tracks. These facilities are specifically designed to push the boundaries of tire technology and ensure the utmost quality and performance.

One notable facility is the Michelin Technology Center, located in Ladoux, France. Spanning over 1,200 acres, this cutting-edge research and development center is dedicated to advancing tire innovation.

Michelin hire over 130,000 highly skilled engineers, scientists, and technicians who work tirelessly to develop new tire technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes. The Michelin Technology Center serves as a hub for tire testing, analysis, and continuous improvement.

Michelin also boasts impressive test tracks where tires undergo rigorous evaluation. One such track is the Ladoux Proving Grounds, located near the Michelin Technology Center. This facility features a variety of test courses designed to simulate real-world driving conditions.

From dry surfaces to wet roads, from icy tracks to challenging off-road terrains, the numerous Proving Grounds at michelins disposal allow Michelin to put their new tires through their paces, ensuring they meet the brand’s stringent performance and safety standards.

Furthermore, Michelin operates other test tracks around the world, strategically located to evaluate tire performance in different climates and environments. These tracks enable Michelin to test tires under extreme conditions and gather valuable data to optimize their designs for specific regions and driving needs.

The advantage of having these dedicated facilities and test tracks is that Michelin can extensively evaluate and refine their tires before they reach the market. This rigorous testing process allows Michelin to fine-tune tire performance, tread patterns, rubber compounds, and other critical factors to ensure optimal grip, handling, durability, and safety.

By investing in their own facilities and test tracks, Michelin demonstrates their unwavering commitment to tire development and improvement. These cutting-edge facilities serve as a testament to Michelin’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of tire technology and delivering top-quality products to drivers worldwide.

Michelin Tire Endorsements

When it comes to performance vehicles, one endorsement that speaks volumes is the recommendation of a renowned automotive manufacturer. In the case of Michelin tires, Porsche recommends Michelin tires exclusively for their vehicles.

This endorsement is further highlighted by the prestigious Porsche N tire rating, a special designation given to select Michelin tires that have undergone extensive testing and are specifically approved for Porsche vehicles. The N stands for the Nurburgring, which is the world most famous racetrack in Germany.

The Porsche N tire rating signifies that these Michelin tires have met the strict performance and safety standards set by Porsche, ensuring an optimal driving experience for Porsche owners.

By earning the Porsche N tire rating, Michelin demonstrates their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional performance and handling, making them the preferred choice for Porsche (or any other enthusiasts) seeking the ultimate driving experience.

Tire Performance

Dry Performance

Michelin tires excel in dry conditions, providing impressive traction and handling. Their advanced rubber compounds, innovative tread patterns, and precise engineering result in superior grip on dry surfaces.

Whether you’re cruising on the highway or taking on winding roads, Michelin tires instill confidence, allowing for precise steering and responsive braking. With their emphasis on precision and performance, Michelin truly shines in dry conditions.

Wet Performance

When the rain starts pouring, Michelin tires continue to deliver exceptional performance. Equipped with specially designed tread grooves and channels, these tires effectively evacuate water from the contact patch, minimizing the risk of hydroplaning.

The superior grip on wet surfaces translates to shorter braking distances and improved handling, ensuring safety even in challenging weather conditions. Michelin’s commitment to wet performance sets them apart from their competitors.

Snow Performance

Michelin understands the importance of traction and control on snowy and icy roads. Their winter tire lineup incorporates advanced technologies like 3D sipes and biting edges, which enhance grip and deliver optimal performance in winter conditions.

With Michelin winter tires, you can confidently navigate snowy roads, thanks to their ability to maintain traction and effectively disperse snow and slush. Whether you’re driving through light flurries or facing a snowstorm, Michelin tires provide the necessary confidence and control.


One of the standout features of Michelin tires is their exceptional longevity. The brand’s tire compounds and tread designs are engineered to deliver a longer tread life, allowing drivers to enjoy their tires for an extended period.

Michelin’s commitment to durability means that their tires can withstand the demands of daily driving, including high mileage and various road conditions. With Michelin, you can rest assured that your investment will provide long-lasting performance.

Noise and Comfort

Michelin tires are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, minimizing road noise and vibrations. Through advanced tire construction techniques and innovative materials, Michelin has managed to reduce noise levels without compromising on performance.

This ensures a quieter and more enjoyable driving experience, particularly during long trips or on rough road surfaces. With Michelin, comfort goes hand in hand with performance.

Fuel Economy

In an era of rising fuel costs and environmental awareness, Michelin continues to prioritize fuel efficiency in their tire designs. Their tires are engineered to reduce rolling resistance, which translates to improved fuel economy.

By minimizing wasted energy, Michelin helps drivers save money at the pump while also reducing their carbon footprint. Investing in Michelin tires means making a conscious choice for both your wallet and the environment.


While it is true that Michelin tires tend to be positioned at a higher price point than some of their competitors, it’s important to consider the value that they offer. Michelin’s focus on performance, longevity, safety, and comfort justifies the premium price.

When you choose Michelin, you are investing in top-tier quality and reliability, ensuring that your driving experience is enhanced in every aspect.

Best Michelin Tires to Buy

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

Best Performance
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S
9.7/10We Try Tires Score
  • Best overall performance tire
  • Great wet performance
  • Fantastic grip at all speeds
  • Appealing design

The Pilot Sport 4S is a high-performance tire designed for sports cars and enthusiasts seeking uncompromising performance.

With its advanced tread compound and innovative asymmetric tread pattern, the Pilot Sport 4S delivers exceptional dry and wet grip, precise handling, and impressive braking capabilities. The tire’s reinforced shoulder design enhances cornering stability, allowing for confident maneuvering even at high speeds.

Whether you’re taking your sports car to the track or looking for a balance of daily usability and fast road performance, the Pilot Sport 4S ensures an exhilarating driving experience.

  • Exceptional dry and wet grip for confident handling
  • Precise and responsive steering for enhanced control
  • Impressive braking capabilities for shorter stopping distances
  • High-performance tire suitable for sports cars and enthusiasts
  • Long-lasting tread life for extended durability
  • Reduced road noise and vibration for a comfortable ride

Premium pricing compared to competitors

Not optimized for winter or snowy conditions

Limited availability of sizes for certain vehicles

Decreased performance in extremely hot or cold temperatures

Michelin Defender T+H

Best Tread Wear
Michelin Defender T+H
9/10We Try Tires Score
  • Best overall All-season tire
  • Best and longest wearing tire available
  • Very responsive heat resistant tire 
  • Exceptional fuel economy
  • 80,000 miles tread wear warranty

The Defender T+H is a reliable all-season tire that excels in terms of longevity and comfort. Built to last, this tire features Michelin’s EverTread compound, which enhances durability and tread life.

The Defender T+H provides excellent traction on both dry and wet surfaces, thanks to its circumferential grooves and multidirectional sipes that effectively evacuate water. Furthermore, the tire’s Comfort Control Technology minimizes road noise and vibrations, resulting in a smooth and quiet ride.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, comfortable tire that performs well in various weather conditions, the Defender T+H is an excellent choice.

  • 80,000 KM treadwear warranty
  • Specifically designed for SUV's and large vehicles
  • Longest wearing tires we tested in its class
  • Superior handling and braking in dry conditions
  • Very quiet and comfortable for their long tread life


  • Not as good as competition on snow and ice
  • Wet braking distance longer than competition


Michelin CrossClimate 2

Best In Class
Michelin CrossClimate 2
9.3/10We Try Tires Score
  • Great grip in all conditions
  • Design offers good biting edges for snow grip
  • Noise Reduction technology minimizes road noise for comfortable ride
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes


The CrossClimate 2 is a versatile all-weather tire that combines the performance of a summer tire with the capabilities of a winter tire. This innovative tire is designed to deliver exceptional traction on dry, wet, and snowy surfaces, making it a perfect choice for regions with unpredictable weather conditions.

The CrossClimate 2 features Michelin’s V-shaped tread pattern with traction grooves and sipes, ensuring reliable grip and efficient water evacuation. Additionally, the tire’s advanced rubber compound adapts to changing temperatures, maintaining flexibility in cold weather for enhanced snow traction.

With the CrossClimate 2, you can confidently tackle any season, knowing that your tires are ready for the challenge.

  • 80,000 KM treadwear warranty
  • Best tire for wide variety of terrains
  • Even and long lasting treadwear
  • Shortest stopping distances in testing
  • Most predictable tire when changing surfaces
  • There are better tires for specifically for dry or wet conditions 
  • Price is higher than competitors
  • Not the quietest tires tested

Michelin Tires Customer Reviews

Here are a few reviews from real Michelin Customers so you can get a feel for how other drivers like the brand.

Better in every way!

Benedict S. gave 100% while driving a BMW M3 (275/35 R19) on a combination of roads for 1,000 spirited miles

“Replaced the Pilot Super Sports on my F80 M3 and it’s better in every way. The wet grip is insane, it’s like you’re driving in the dry. Best tyre on the market.”

Verified buyer May 22, 2022

Best tires I’ve ever bought

Matthew H. gave 90% driving a Porsche Boxster 2.5 (235/35 R20) on mostly country roads for 100 spirited miles

“Just replaced Pirelli P zeroes, front and rear on Boxster 718 GTS, with Michelin PS4S . What a difference, it has transformed the ride without affecting the handling. Couldn’t be happier !!!”

Verified buyer November 17, 2021

Expensive but worth it!

Given 100% while driving a Volvo XC60 D5 AWD Auto (255/45 R20) on a combination of roads for 7,000 easy going miles

“One of the best tyres! I had before pirelli scorpion zero, but they were too harsh. It felt like I had no tyres. Michelin 4s are so comfort. You have that feeling that everything is under control. On wet is like on dry, excellent”

Verified buyer December 1, 2022


What to consider when choosing a tire brand?

Always consider a tire brands reputation. Certain brands are more focused on certain kinds of tires and catering to a specific demographic of drivers.

Make a list of all the most important values you are looking for in a tire and find a brand that matches your values and price point.

Also consider the warranty offered with the tire and ensure the brand offers options suitable for your specific vehicle type, load capacity, speed rating, and recommended tire size.

What tire sizes do Michelin offer?

Michelin offers a wide range of tire sizes to accommodate various vehicles and fitments. The specific tire sizes available may vary depending on the tire model and type. Michelin provides tire sizes for passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicle types.

Michelin are one of the largest names in tire manufacturing and offer a wide range of tire sizes. However it is worth noting that their premium tire products are likely to be limited to larger sizes to fit higher performance cars, which means you may struggle to find them in smaller sizes.

Who are Michelin’s main competitors?

Michelin faces strong competition from major tire manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Hankook, and Yokohama. These brands offer a wide range of tires for different vehicles and driving conditions.

Bridgestone and Goodyear are known for their quality and performance, while Continental emphasizes technological advancements. Pirelli specializes in high-performance tires, while Hankook and Yokohama provide a balance of quality, value, and performance.

These competitors contribute to a competitive tire market, giving consumers a variety of options to choose from.

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Michelin Tire Review

In conclusion, Michelin’s commitment to excellence and continuous innovation has positioned them as a leading brand in the tire industry. With their superior performance, impressive longevity, low noise, enhanced comfort, improved fuel economy, and industry leading testing facilities, Michelin tires cater to the diverse needs of drivers worldwide.

Whether you’re a performance enthusiast seeking the ultimate driving experience or a daily commuter looking for reliability and safety, Michelin has a tire to match your requirements. By choosing Michelin, you’re investing in quality, performance, and can have confidence knowing you ave invested in the very best.