Toyo Celsius Tire Review

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Toyo Celsius Review

The Toyo Celsius is a tire that promises to deliver all-season versatility and advanced winter safety. Despite being a touring tire, it claims great performances in wintry conditions. Designed for use on family sedans, compacts, or small CUVs, the Toyo Celsius aims to provide reliable traction on wet, snowy, or icy roads, as well as longer tread life and a smooth, quiet ride.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the features and performance of the Toyo Celsius to help you decide if it is the right tire for your vehicle.

Is the Toyo Celsius worth it?

We’ve found that the Toyo Celsius is in a weird place. It’s perhaps some of the best winter performances you’re going to get out of a touring tire and yet we can’t recommend it’s winter performance over a dedicated winter tire due to its lack of deeper tread depth and wide snow traction grooves.

Similarly, while it certainly is a comfortable drive, you can find a smoother tire if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of winter performance. That said, it is an excellent compromise for the person who wants decent winter performance and still wants a tire that is comfortable and long lasting.

Premium Pick
8.9/10We Try Tires Score
  • Leading traction in snow and ice for a Touring tire
  • Affordable price tag
  • Very comfortable
  • Tire performance doesn't fade with age or wear
  • Strong performance in both wet and dry conditions
  • Three Peak Mountains Certified

Features of the Toyo Celsius

The Toyo Celsius tire is engineered with a range of features to help it excel in variable weather conditions, particularly in colder climates. One of the key features of the Celsius is its sipe density, which is higher on the inside tread to provide enhanced traction on wet or snowy roads, while being lower on the outside tread to improve dry traction.

In addition, the tire has slush grooves to help evacuate snow and ice from the contact patch, as well as snow claws that increase block rigidity and improve traction in deeper snow.

To further improve winter performance, the Toyo Celsius is also equipped with multi-wave sipes on the tread face, which help to minimize irregular wear and provide additional biting edges for improved braking on both wet and dry roads.

Toyo Celsius Testing Results for 2022

Now, we will go through the results of our testing for the Toyo Celsius.

Dry Performance

Throughout our testing of the tire, we were impressed by its ability to provide good grip and handling on dry pavement. The tire’s lower sipe density on the outside tread helped it maintain good traction and stability while cornering, while its multi-wave sipes provided additional biting edges for improved braking.

We also found the Toyo Celsius was able to maintain its performance as the tire wore, with minimal irregular wear and a consistent feel throughout its lifespan. Now, we wouldn’t go as far as say that this is a high performance tire but it does the job incredibly well.

Wet Performance

Our drive tests in the rain were a nice surprise. We expected a decent showing when it came to snowy conditions but it was pretty much flawless in the rain too!

The Toyo Celsius provided excellent grip on wet roads, even at higher speeds (though the tires did screech a little bit at the highest speeds). Turning and braking worked extremely well too, though we didn’t perform any risky manoeuvres.

Snow/Icy Performance

This was the big test that essentially makes or breaks this review. As one of the only touring tries branded with the three peak mountain snowflake symbol, we had high expectations for the Toyo Celsius’ performance in snow and icy conditions. We were not disappointed.

These tires hold up really well, taking just about anything the conditions (we tested in Vermont) would throw at us.

Whether it was ice or snow, the Toyo Celsius provided excellent grip, cornering stability and braking power. As we took the vehicle into deeper snow, it did start to struggle which we were expecting as these aren’t dedicated winter tires.

But if you live in an area that gets mild to moderate snows or icy conditions, these are an excellent option for you.


When it comes to comfort, you’ll hear no complaints from us! The drive was smooth and easy, and we found the Toyo Celsius to deliver a very comfortable ride. We will say that it’s not the quietest tire and you can definitely get better in the touring tires class, but it certainly isn’t the loudest either.


While most winter tires wear fairly quickly due to the softer tread, the Toyo Celsius is still a touring tire. As such, it is designed to hold up very well over the long haul.

We found that it was able to maintain its performance and grip even when the tread started to wear, and it will last significantly longer than a dedicated winter tires.


Toyo offer a 60,000 mile warranty on the Toyo Celsius. This gives any buyer peace of mind that if anything should go wrong with their tires, they are covered for the length of the warranty.


Another area we were pleasantly surprised was the price. At the smaller end you can find tires at close to $120 per tire. Even the largest tires only top off at close to $180 per tire which isn’t bad when you consider just how versatile these tires are.

Tire sizes

Here are a list of the sizes that the Toyo Celsius comes in.

185/60 R14 82H195/55 R15 85H195/65 R15 95V XL205/60 R16 96V XL
155/65 R14 75T185/60 R15 88V XL195/65 R15 91H215/60 R16 99V XL
165/65 R14 79T185/60 R15 84T215/45 R16 90V XL215/65 R16 102V XL
175/65 R14 86T XL195/60 R15 88H195/55 R16 87H215/65 R16 98H
175/65 R14 82T165/65 R15 81T195/55 R16 87H225/45 R17 94V
185/65 R14 86T175/65 R15 84H195/55 R16 87V225/50 R17 98V XL
165/70 R14 85T XL185/65 R15 88H205/55 R16 94V XL225/65 R17 102H
195/50 R15 82H185/65 R15 92V XL205/55 R16 91H225/40 R18 92V
185/55 R15 82H195/65 R15 91T215/55 R16 97V XL
  • Leading traction in snow and ice for a Touring tire
  • Affordable price tag
  • Very comfortable
  • Tire performance doesn't fade with age or wear
  • Strong performance in both wet and dry conditions
  • Three Peak Mountains Certified
  • Not a dedicated snow tire
  • Not as quiet as some other touring tires
  • Other tires offer more sporty performance



So, does the Toyo Celsius hold up? Well, after all our tests had concluded, we had a pretty clear picture that while the Toyo Celsius isn’t quite perfect in any one category, it is a really good jack of all trades. It performs well on a variety of different terrains, from wet roads to snowy or icy conditions while still being relatively comfortable.

Now, it isn’t the best winter tire you can find, nor is it the best performance or touring tire either. However, if you only want one tire that can stand up to winter driving just as well as it stands up to summer driving, then this may well be the tire for you!