Westlake SA07 Tire Review

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Are you looking for a new set of tires? If so, you may be wondering if the Westlake SA07 is the right choice for you.

In this blog post, we will review the features of these tires and see how they compare to other options on the market. We will also test them for 2022 to see how well they hold up in different conditions and to the competition!

Westlake SA07 Tire Review

The Westlake SA07 is the premium high performance summer tire in the Westlake range, designed to offer sporty performance in dry conditions and comfort when you are just looking to cruise. These ultra-high performance tires are billed as a premium tire, but just how well do these tires stack up?

Well, we have run all our tests to bring you a full breakdown of everything you need to know. So, here is our Westlake SA07 review.

Budget Pick
6.5/10We Try Tires Score
  • High Performance Summer tire
  • Readily available
  • High temperature and UTQG rating
  • Does not delaminate when drifted on

Westlake SA07 Features

The Westlake SA07 tires have been designed as ultra-high performance summer tires and contain features that give them an edge over other UHP tires. For starters, they are made with a special tread compound which is both very durable yet manages to remain extremely quiet and economical.

Additionally, they are one of the most comfortable tires in its class and also manages to remain one of the cheapest as well. They are readily available and these factors are why it has become a very popular choice of tire for many drivers.

Finally, the Westlake SA07 tires also come with an UTQG rating of 750, meaning they offer superior durability and wear even under extreme pressure.

Westlake SA07 Testing Results for 2022

In order to give you the full picture of whether you should consider the Westlake SA07, we put these tires through our rigorous testing procedures to see how they would fare against the competition. We have tested the tire on a range of criteria and here are the results.

Dry Performance

In dry conditions, the Westlake SA07 tires showed decently good grip and traction under heavy loads. Sadly when we pushed the tires up to higher speeds, the tires reached their limit earlier than the other more expensive ultra high performance tires.

This left to be desired from the tires cornering and made the car unsteady and likely to understeer.

However for everyday drivers who are after a stiffer and sportier feeling tire and don’t plan to push their tires to the limits, the Westlake SA07 are a good UHP tire in the dry. Their sporty and aggressive look and durability has made them a popular choice for drivers who demand a responsive and sporty driving experience in the dry.

Wet Performance

In wet conditions, the Westlake SA07 tires were not up to par with the other ultra-high performance summer tires. They had average traction on wet roads but not outstanding. Their wet performance also began to deteriorate further as the tire began to wear down.

Steering and cornering compared to its rivals was less precise than we had hoped, with the tires feeling a bit “nervous” at speed. This was also noticeable when driving through standing water as their hydroplaning resistance also put them bottom of our wet weather testing.

If you live in an area that experiences frequent and heavy downpours, we would advise looking elsewhere for tires.


Comfort is one of the Westlake SA07 tires redeeming features. The ride was surprisingly compliant for an ultra high performance tire with such stiff sidewalls, which scored them top in our testing for comfort.

The tire also had very little noise even at high speeds, so you can enjoy the drive without being too distracted by any intrusive road noise. It came in joint top spot for noise levels and this coupled with the decent dry grip from the shoulder blocks make these the Westlake SA07 an excellent choice for daily driving.


The Westlake SA07 tires have an UTQG rating of 750, which is one of the highest ratings for UHP tires. This means that these are some of the most durable performance tires you can buy with excellent wear resistance – perfect for those who like to push their tires to its limits on a regular basis. This is why Westlake SA07 are one of the most popular choice when it comes to picking the best tire for drifting.

They come rated with a high temperature rating and can easily handle the extreme conditions of track racing.


Most ultra high performance tires do not focus on having the best economy and instead trade this off for more performance in the dry and wet. This allows a tire to be more sporty and faster in these conditions.

However the Westlake SA07 is one tire that manages to strike a balance between performance and economy with one of the lowest rolling resistance cores in their class. This helps to make them more economical and makes your vehicle use less gas and cheaper to run.


The warranty on the Westlake SA07 tires is fairly standard, with a 6-year limited warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials. This coverage is extended to 70,000 miles for passenger cars and 60,000 miles for light trucks.


Most ultra high performance tires come with a hefty price tag and the Westlake SA07 manages to buck the trend and be the exception! They are amongst the cheapest in their class and this makes them an excellent option for drivers on a budget.

This also has made them extremely popular thanks to their with their wide range of sizes and good availability.

  • High Performance Summer tire
  • Readily available
  • High temperature and UTQG rating
  • Does not delaminate when drifted
  • Low price point
  • Poor steering in wet conditions
  • Poor hydroplaning resistance
  • Long braking distances
  • Nervous at speed


Tire Sizes for Westlake SA07

245/50R18 215/45ZR18225/45ZR18235/45ZR18245/45ZR18225/40ZR18235/40ZR18


In summary, Westlake SA07 tires are a good choice for those who want an ultra-high performance tire that offers decent dry grip and good comfort and wear resistance all packaged up in a very attractive price.

However, their wet weather performance is less than spectacular with long braking distances and nervous cornering. This makes them an ideal choice for drivers who mostly drive in the dry and want a tire that offers a good balance between price, performance, comfort and longevity.

If you live in an area with frequent wet weather, then we would recommend considering other more suitable tires from Westlake’s range or those of their competitors.

Our Westlake SA07 review gives this tire a respectable 6.5/10.