What Does ZR Mean on a Tire?

What Does ZR Mean on a Tire?

If you have ever seen ZR marked on the side of your tire and wondered it means, we are here to tell you! In this blog post, we will explain everything that you need to know about speed ratings on tires.

What Does ZR Mean on a Tire?

The ZR on a tire sidewall represents a tires “speed rating.” The speed rating of a tire is the maximum speed that a tire can safely achieve.

ZR signifies that the particular tire is capable of speeds above 149 mph.

The lettering system has since been refined further by the addition of other letters. These additional letters help to identify a tire’s speed capabilities even further.

What Is A Tire Speed Rating?

A tire’s speed rating is the maximum speed that a tire can safely achieve. The speed rating of a tire is usually represented by a letter on the sidewall of the tire. These will vary from tire to tire depending on their construction and design.

Where Can I Find My Tire Speed Rating?

The speed rating of a tire can be found on the sidewall of the tire and is represented by a letter. The letter usually comes after the tire size code and the load rating. For example, if you see a tire size that looks like this: P215/60R15 96Y, the Y indicates the tires speed rating.

What Does ZR Mean on a Tire

This letter will differ depending on the tire and its capabilities and can be a range of different letters. When picking a tire for your car, it is important to pick a tire that will be able to handle the speeds that your car is capable of achieving.

How Is A Tire Speed Rating Determined?

Tire speed ratings are determined by the manufacturer through a series of tests. These tests are conducted in a controlled environment and help to simulate different driving conditions.

Tires with a higher speed rating will be able to withstand the stress of high speeds better than those with a lower speed rating.

What Are The Different Tire Speed Ratings?

There are a few different tire speed ratings. Here is a list of common speed ratings and their corresponding maximum speeds:


So now you know the answer to “What Does ZR Mean on a Tire” and that it means a tire is rated for speeds over 149 mph, be sure to look out for the speed rating when purchasing new tires. This is especially true for vehicles capable of excessive speeds as high performance tires are required.

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Is there a difference between ZR tires and R tires?

ZR used to mean a tire is suitable for vehicles that can exceed 149 pmh, however this has now been updated to V, W and Y tires, making ZR mostly irrelevant. If a tires speed rating is R then it is only rated for 106 mph.

However, it is likely that the R referred to here is in regards to the tires structure, signifying that the tire is a radial construction tire.

Does ZR mean Run-Flat tire?

No, a run flat tire is signified by the symbols ZRF (Z-rated run-flat) which is a very uncommon tire.

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