Where are Milestar tires made: Should you be worried?

Milestar tires are made in Taiwan and have begun slowly growing in popularity in the USA.

Milestar is one of the more niche brands for consumers here in the states. They are however starting to make their mark on the truck tire market. So, as more and more people come across these tires, it leads people to ask the question: where are Milestar tires made?

While Milestar tires have all been traditionally made in Taiwan, as of 2021, the brand will now be producing tires made in the United States as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Where are Milestar tires made?

Milestar tires are actually made in Taiwan which is why they’ve taken some time to fully break into the US market. Despite the brand seeming rather small, the reality is that it’s actually a subsidiary of one the the world biggest and best tire companies: Nankang Rubber Tire Co. Ltd.

Other Nankang tires brands include: Westlake, Geostar and Provato.

Milestar currently has two plants where they produce their unique tires that are based in Nankang and Hsinfung. The Hsinfung plant is the flagship where most of the tires are made.

Their parent company Nankang has also got a location in mainland China where they have been producing tires since 2003. But if this makes you nervous, you can rest at ease knowing that Milestar itself only produces tires in Taiwan.

In 2021, however, Milestar made a massive announcement that they would begin production of their first US made tires. The WeatherGuard AS710 will be the first US made Milestar tires and are available for coupes, sedans, and CUVs.

What kinds of tires do Milestar make?

Milestar is perhaps best known for their SUV and light truck tires. The Patagonia line in particular has become a real gem here in the states. However, while larger vehicles are their main focus, they do also have some options in the passenger car space.

Now let’s talk about some of their most popular and well known tire products.

Best Off Road
8.4/10We Try Tires Score
  • Designed as rugged mud-terrain tire for off-road adventures
  • Aggressive tread pattern provides excellent traction
  • Performs exceptionally on challenging terrains like mud, rocks, and sand
  • Relatively smooth ride on paved surfaces, considering off-road nature
  • Durable construction ensures extended tread life and resistance to damage

The Milestar Patagonia M/T LT is a rugged and capable mud-terrain tire that delivers impressive off-road performance. It is also Milestars most popular and best selling tire.

The Milestar Patagonia M/T LT is a mud-terrain tire that excels in off-road adventures. Its aggressive tread pattern features large, chunky tread blocks with deep grooves, providing excellent traction on challenging terrains such as mud, rocks, and loose surfaces.

The tire’s sidewalls are reinforced for added durability and protection against cuts and punctures.

When it comes to off-road performance, the Patagonia M/T LT shines. It grips onto surfaces tenaciously, allowing for confident tackling of steep inclines, deep ruts, and uneven trails. The tire’s self-cleaning capabilities help to shed mud and debris, ensuring continuous traction even in muddy conditions.

While its off-road prowess is impressive, the Patagonia M/T LT doesn’t compromise on-road comfort entirely. It offers a relatively smooth and stable ride on paved surfaces, considering its aggressive tread design. However, some road noise should be expected due to the tire’s off-road-oriented nature.

Durability is another strength of the Patagonia M/T LT. Its robust construction and rugged materials make it highly resistant to wear and tear, allowing for extended tread life. This is especially important for off-road enthusiasts who put their tires through demanding conditions.

While on test, I found that the braking performance of this tire does suffer due to its size and weight. The tread pattern is also partially responsible as it is not designed for optimal braking performance on tarmac.

Overall, the Milestar Patagonia M/T LT is an excellent choice for off-road enthusiasts seeking a capable mud-terrain tire. Its impressive off-road traction, durability, and reasonable on-road performance make it a reliable option for those who frequently venture off the beaten path.

How are Milestar tires distributed in America?

The US distribution of Milestar tires is currently handled by TIRECO which has been a longstanding partner of Nankang since the early 70’s. TIRECO’s warehouses are located in Fontana, California and they are an industry leading in distribution.

Are Milestar tires any good?

When people ask the question “where are Milestar tires made“, what they are real asking is how is the quality. And there’s really nothing wrong with that.

When people think about tire manufacturing countries, the ones that quickly come to mind are the United States, Germany, Japan and even South Korea. These are the places we immediately think about when it comes to quality tires.

But you can put you mind at rest because Taiwan are a manufacturing powerhouse that constantly put fantastic products onto the market and Milestar are no different. They are a fantastic manufacturer that delivers good quality at a very affordable price.

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What to do now?

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of where Milestar tires are made. The Taiwanese tire brand continues to make quality tires for the American market and moving forward, you can even buy Milestar tires that are manufactured entirely within the United States.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it informative. If you have any questions then please leave a comment below or get in touch via email or through social media and we will read and respond to every comment, email or question. Thanks for reading!

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